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Who we are

  • Kevin Gill Wilsoni


    "I have been producing and creating corporate videos ever since I started University in Montreal, notably working freelance with L’Oreal Canada. I met Nicolas at Concordia and after we graduated we decided to create this video production company, which allows us to work on what we love and to continually better our skills. We constantly search for new creative projects to work on and be a part of. So, keep an eye out; we have some pretty interesting things in store for the near future."

  • Nicolas Fafard-Trudeli


    "After graduating from Concordia and working a few years on some big film productions in Montreal, I now get to meet new people and help them develop their ideas. Which is great, because you always end up pushing your limits and learning something new along the way. That's part of the reason why I enjoy working at NNC. We get to collaborate with a varied group of individuals and the results always end-up being worth it. And I'm always down to try-out something different (hint). You can also see some of my personal work here."

  • Raymond Laversi


    "I'm a cinematographer currently working out of Montreal. I grew up in Prince Edward Island, which makes me really defensive of potatoes. In my spare time, I like trying novelty beverages and finding beautiful details in mundane things."

    Cinematography Reel

What we do

It's pretty simple.

We don't just make corporate and web videos. We also offer something that you can't see in our reel:

peace of mind.

Because you're not just looking for a great video. You also want a video production team that will make the whole process easy, simple, and hassle free.

We're that team.

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